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     Lashley, RN, BSN, LNC 


Tax Lien & Deed Investment Online Seminars

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About Lashley          

As a 10 yrs Travel Nurse and years of quality-focused patient care. I have brought that knowledge, plus my Legal nurse research background to the Real Estate Sector. The skill I have acquired over the years have been incorporated into building a comprehensive Tax lien and Deed educational course. With the ability to look at the real estate, and tax lien process from a systemic viewpoint. I have created a series of seminars that will help the new and advanced tax lien/ Deed investor, Due their “Due Diligence”.

Being a tax lien/ Deed investor and process Researcher, over the last 6 yrs. I have found it to be my love and mission to invest and educate investors in the Tax lien and Deed sector. As an Active and Passive tax lien investor. I have constructed a full 14 hr dual seminar series. That will help you ensure you are investing safely in the process.  Our goal at Prime Time is to open the Real Estate Market to the people who have been locked out. Along with providing you with a secure passive method of investing in a secure market, backed back the US government. Let me help you Buy the Block back!


"My goal is to safely and systematically help you invest through the Tax lien and Deed process".

                                                                                    Lashley RN,BSN, LNC