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     Welcome to the Prime Time Home Buyers Buy Back program. Have you ever wanted to be an investor and or property owner? Do you dread the idea of having a home loan? Do you Dream of owning investment properties?  This may be the program for you.

       Learn at your own pace, step-by-step guided video aids to start you on the TLC /Deed investment process. The Course offers many learning Tools for new Investors. See below for More Details.


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What is a tax Lien Certificate?

A tax lien certificate is written proof that a taxing authority has placed a lien on a piece of property for unpaid property taxes. Essentially, each and every year owners of real estate have a tax lien (aka financial obligation to pay taxes) placed on their real estate. If the property taxes are paid on time the tax lien is removed. If they are not paid in due time, the county will allow investors to pay on behalf of the real estate owner.

How can your program help me obtain TLC?

The Primetime Buy back program is a Step by step guide That will help the New Tax Lien Investor get to know the process of investing in tax lien and or deeds. Learning the ins and outs of tax  lien or deed investments can help the average investor obtain up to 18 % profit on their investment or obtain the actual property. This is a amazing process to learn.

Why is it better to obtain property through the TLC process ?

With a little work and dedication to the research process. You can easily obtain property without the hassle of paying over priced interest on an  home loan. With this do-it-yourself course. The learner will be guilded  Step by Step. With a method that will help them understand the key concepts of investing in the tax lien process, Safely. 

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About Prime Time Home Buyers

PrimeTime is a program constructed for the little guy that has BIG Dreams. If you have limited funds and would like to learn an innovative way to invest your extra change. This is a guaranteed method to get up to %18 on your investment. There is no better method, than tax lien and deed purchasing. this may be the right investment for you. This online affordable course is downloadable and you can complete the program in the comfort of your home.

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This course is set up to teach and highlight the key research tools needed to buy Tax lien and Tax deeds. In the course, your will find step-by-step videos, power points, and articles,  that will help you to become an effective investor and potential property owner.  A Tax lien certificate is a certificate of claim against a property that has a lien placed upon it as a result of unpaid property taxes. Tax lien certificates are generally sold to investors through an auction process.

The Best Part of Investing in Tax Liens, Is you don't need a lot of money to invest in TLCs or deeds. When you buy a tax lien, you are basically paying the taxes to the County, in exchange for a  Tax Lien on the Property. The certificate is good for the amount you paid plus interest and Penalties.

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The Buy Back Team Learn more TODAY!!

The Buy Back Team Learn more TODAY!!

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