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Prime Time Home Buyers~ Government Auditor Service 

A call about found money is a once-in-a-lifetime event ! Don't let Fear Stop you from Recovering what Rightfully Yours!  We’ve helped thousands recover funds they didn’t know existed !

Shavon Lashley, RN, BSN,LNC

Government Auditor Service 

Unclaimed Asset
Location & Recovery Specialists

If We Contact you!
You may have Funds Waiting for You! 

A Bit About  Prime Time Money Recuperation Service..

Prime Time Money Recuperations Service is a professional Government auditing Service and lost asset  recuperations service.

We locate and recovery Government Held Moneys.

 Our Mission is  helping to successfully reclaim assets that individuals,  and estate heirs were unaware existed. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most trouble free recovery process possible.

We connect you to what is Rightfully Your!

Don't the Government Keep what should have been given to you and your love ones! 

Our Three Core Principles:




Professionalism:  We strive  as  professional government  auditors and  asset recovery specialists to uphold the highest standards of ethics in every recovery case we handle.

Communication: We maintain constant communication with our clients throughout the recovery process. Our client requests handled with the utmost importance. We Strive to have quick  and appropriate espond . Our proven system allows clients to rest easy that there "Discovered Moneys is on its Way".

Trust:  Our Goal is  continues building and maintaining trusting relationships with our clients. This is the Concern Stone to Our Bossiness. 

The Funding Recovery Process


Locating the funds

We have a Highly Specialized process of locate dormant assets and unclaimed funds from many  Government Resources. Our Effective method help us locate your fund, before we even contact you.


Parties of Interest

A Specialized trained staff reviews and Search Government documents to determine which parties, businesses, individuals, and estates have rights to the  funds.


Client Locator 

 Our team of professionals, use methods such a  skip tracers,  private investigators and many other tool available to locate our clients. If  we have to we  even knocked on the doors of relatives and friends to find our clients. This can be very time-consuming and Very costly at times. But never the less its out mission to Connect the funds to its owner, immediately .


Discovery & Connection

Once we locate the parties of interest, it is our duties to Connect the fund to the Client. this is when the the "Team ork" gets started. Let use our specialized knowledge to help you recover what is "Rightfully Yours". We will do all of the work. Even if we have to put up the "fees" need to get the claim process. We will get it done!


Preparing the Claims 

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Claim Submission

We do all the Work! 

1. Document preparation

2. Delivery of documents to client

3. Get the Proper Seal & Signatures

4.Claim & Document Assembly 

5. Claim Processing

6. Notification  to the Client that the claim has been filed !

7. Claim Distribution !

Your Job as the Client

If you are contacted by one of our claim Reps. It is then you duty to contact the Claims Rep.  The claim manager contacts the party of interest and determines the most effective way of get the claim process for the funds. The claims manager first prepares a simple contingency agreement outlining the terms of the transaction.

Prime Time Home buyer Government Auditing Service

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